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Welcome to our international friends and partners

Welcome in the city of Freiburg and in the Black Forest

The website works as a platform for people living in the east of the old city of Freiburg/Black Forest. 
This is an independent, actual and free of charge website, because of its voluntary engagement. 
Please visit our guestbook and our forum. More city maps. Questons? Please mail us.

Freiburg-City (left) and Littenweiler, Ebnet, Kappel (right)

Welcome in the city of Freiburg and his eastern 
suburbs: Ebnet, Kappel, Littenweiler, Waldsee, Wiehre

Welcome in valley of river Dreisam (Dreisamtal) with the villages
Buchenbach, Kirchzarten, Oberried and Stegen.




As a city person - visit Freiburg

Freiburg is a shoppers' dream. The market is held every day at the foot of the gothic Freiburg cathedral and offers you arts from local artisans and products of the region as vegetable and fruits. In the cobblestoned streets, you find boutiques and artsy stores in abundance. The old city is not as large as most, so it's easy to get around. Even when ist's raining - you walk under the "Arkaden" without getting wet. See www.freiburg.de (the official homepage of the city) or www.freiburg-online.com (Information Service by Cyberpark). 



As a nature lover - visit the Black Forest

You find untouched forests, lakes to swim in, beautiful shorelines. Biking, hiking, skiing or water sports are possible in this region - for all levels of ability.The southern Black Forest has one of the best trail systems for hikers and mountain bikers. There are boat rentals and ferry tours on Lake Titisee, a natural glacier lake with very clean water near Feldberg, the highest mountain here (1493 m). On Lake Schluchsee, the largest lake in Black Forest, there is windsurfing available.
Wherever you are, you are never far from one of the many "Gasthäuser" - rustic inns, that cater to the hikers and bikers. 
See www.freiburg-schwarzwald.de.



Did you or your relatives live in the Freiburg area in the past?

Your Ancestors: Father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, ..., did they come from Freiburg, from the Breisgau area or the Black Forest? Do you want to find out your family's roots, your Family Tree? Are you searching for relatives living anywere in this region? Please look here or send us an eMail with your problem. Or write in the forum.
Perhaps we can help. Webmaster's relatives live in Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cincinnatti, Denver, Washington and New York. 




Hotels, guest houses, boarding houses of all levels of comfort with about 4,000 beds available.
Rooms available in private houses, Holiday flats. Fice campsites. Youth Hostel in Freiburg-Littenweiler.

List of accommodation available and reservations through: 
Freiburg Wirtschaft und Tourstik GmbH, Rotteckring 14, 79098 Freiburg, Tel 36890, Fax 3689070


Arrival in Freiburg - How to get here

  • Arrival by train: Freiburg is within the network of the European railway system - Freiburg is an Intercity Express-station between Frankfurt and Basel. So Freiburg is readily accessible by express from all directions, e.g. from Frankfurt in about 2 hours.
  • Arrival by car: Take the Rhine Valley motorway A 5 Karlsruhe-Basel, exit Freiburg-Mitte. From the east via the Bodensee motorway A 81 and the road B 31 (Bundesstrasse 31)..
  • Arrival by plane: Via EUROAIRPORT Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg in one hour by bus. Via the airports Zürich, Strassburg, Stuttgart or Frankfurt in 2 to 3 hours by bus or car. There is a rapid ICE/IC direct rail connection to Freiburg from Frankfurt Airport.



History of Freiburg

Freiburg is a period middle-ages city founded by the Dukes of Zähringen (the right to hold markets was granted in 1120 A.D.). Its historical development was especially influenced by its more than 400-year-long association with the Hapsburg Dynasty. The city developed from a walled middle-ages market town to a fort city (17th/18th century) to the present-day modern city of about 220.000 inhabitants. After being badly damaged during the Second World War, the city centre was rebuilt using the layout of the middle-ages city observing traditional urban planning. Freiburg was celebrating its 875th birthday in 1995. 

More about the history of Freiburg: http://www.uni-freiburg.de/public/grunewin/geschichte/history.htm 


History of Freiburg at a glance

1914 World War. Between now and 1918 enemy aircraft repeatedly bombed Freiburg causing a number of deaths.

1918 A call for revolution is made in the Karlsplatz. Baden becomes a republic.

1920 The Freiburg lawyer Konstantin Fehrenbach becomes the Chancellor of the Reich.

1921 Dr. J. Wirth of Freiburg becomes the Chancellor of the Reich.

1925 First ADAC mountain rally on the Schauinsland.

1926 The Freiburg transmitters beginn to broadcast.

1930 Completion of the Schauinsland Cable Railway.

1938 Synagogue destroyed by National Socialists.

1940 On 10th May Freiburg is bombed in error by the German air force. 57 dead.

1944 Air attack on 27th November. About 3,000 dead, the Old Town and other areas destroyed.

1945 On 21st April the French occupy the town. On 5th September a newspaper appears again.

1946 A government and administration are set up in Freiburg for the Land of Baden which is founded in the territory of the French occupied zone.

1952 Land of Baden-Württemberg. The Baden Regional Government in Freiburg is disbanded.

1957 Qincentennial celebrations of the Alber-Ludwigs University. Building of Kollegiengebäude II begins.

1959 The French university town Besançon becomes Freiburg's first twin town.

1963 Innsbruck, the regional capital of the Tirol, becomes Freiburg's twin city.

1965 The new Berthold Fountain is erected.

1965 The north Italian University town Padua becomes a twin town of Freiburg.

1974 The territorial reform is completed. The communities of Lehen, Hochdorf, Munzingen, Tiengen, Opfingen, Waltershofen, Ebnet and Kappel become part of Freiburg town.

1982 Mayor Dr. Keidel retires after 20 years in office. Dr. Böhme is elected as his successor.

1983 The city railway, the high-performance mode of public transport connecting the western suburbs with the centre of town, is opened.

1984 Freiburg is the first German town to introduce an environmental protection ticket giving cheap rates on the municipal transport system.

1986 "Landesgartenschau" (Garden and Flower Show) is a great success, being visited by nearly 2 million people. The districts of St. Georgen and Haslach celebrate their 1200 year anniversary.

1987 Germany's oldest inn, "Der Rote Bären" in Oberlinden looks back over 600 years of tradition. 150th anniversary of the vocational schools in Freiburg.

1988 Freiburg becomes Olympics base. After a public referendum, the district council finally decides to build the cultural and conference centre. Freiburg twins with Madison, the capital of the State of Wisconsin, USA, and with the Japanese city of Matsuyama.

1989 Lwow (Lemberg), regional capital in the Ukraine, becomes Freiburg's twin city.

1990 Dr. Rolf Böhme is reelected for another 8 years.

1991 The district council decides that a new part ot town is to be built on the sewage farm. The Andalusian administrative capital Granada, seat of a university full of tradition, twins with Freiburg.

1992 The final unit of the French garrison, disbanded in 1991, leaves Freiburg after 47 years in the town. On 2nd October, lord mayor Dr. Rolf Böhme lays the foundation stone of the Culture and Congress Centre.


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